Like many of you, we originally started restoring Skiff Craft boats because we loved well-built wood boats and wanted to reduce the cost by managing and completing some of the refurbishing tasks ourselves. Over time we have built relationships with mechanics, old and new parts suppliers, reproduction hardware companies, and some local craftsmen that produce top quality work. Just tell us how we can help you.


If you are restoring a Skiff Craft boat and need parts, send us an email describing what you need (see format below). If you have parts you wish to sell, also let us know. We are continually purchasing parts for our own boats and have a wide variety of contacts to assist you in locating the things you need or to find reproduction parts.


Howard Classic Boats LLC:

Format: Please send the following information in your email (email address below).

Name or description of part, what size, year and model of SkiffCraft?

What do you want: Is it for sale or are you trying to find this part?

Price Range or specific price

Where are you located and how does the other owner contact you?


Email us at: